Free 2 hour event that will present an opportunity that will change your life.
Journey To You is a TV production that is ready to hit the Globe. We need people who are looking for new opportunities, to better their lives and to help others better theirs too.
We ARE the leaders in Africa. Our training is so in demand worldwide, that we have students from 100 countries already. International demand has forced us, to open a branch in Australia in 2018 and we are opening our first European branch in October 2019.
Journey To You is the largest project of its kind that has ever been attempted in the world.
Our goal is simple. We need to change the way people think, and we started at home.
Africa is our home.
Africa has the best resources below and above the ground. But any resource is useless if it is not mined and developed properly.
 We are changing the way people think. Through our TV shows and training programs we are altering attitudes, beliefs and strategies.
We are changing AFRICA
Our target is to start with 11 countries in Africa. We give them empowering TV series and programs for free. Once the public has viewed the power of coaching, we go to the country with our teams of 100+ coaches and trainers. 
We are the new social revolution that Africa has been crying for.
  • Are you looking for an extra income 
  • Are ready to appear on National Television
  • ​This is an opportunity of a lifetime 
  •  The Journey to You is a Movement, that has already completed Season one 
  • ​We start Season 2 in August
  • ​We need more people to develop and to help change other people's lives.
  • 01 August at 19:00, secure your seat
THIS THURSDAY, 01 August AT 19:00
Meet Deon the founder and Owner
Deon has developed Journey To You over the last ten years,  Deon will be your presenter on Friday and Saturday and is a Master at his Craft. 

Deon is South Africa's Antony Robbins, trained with the same skill set. When a Television production saw the work that Deon can do, they saw the opportunity and created Season 1.

Below are scenes from Season 1,  but you need to experience Deon's energy yourself.

Secure your spot for Thursday  01 August at 19:00,  seats are limited. 
Thursday 01 August Presentation 

Secure your spot for Thursday 01 August at 19:00, seats are limited. 

Registration opens at 18:00

Season 2 will be recorded and televised.
We start Broadcasting next month in August

Do you want to be on Television?

Do you want to become a Television personality?

Do you need an extra income?
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